Water ATM

Water ATM


Coin operated water vending machine is a very useful technology to dispense drinking water quantity 100ML to 20 ltr of RO water /cool water / Normal water ,any time without any manual function with the use of this technology the water availability at office ,Canteen ,Hotel ,Restaurant ,Public place like railway station, Airport, Corporation offices, without operator with the economy cost and no wastage of water.


- Coin as well as Card operator type of coin validator.

- Automatic water dispensing on detecting the coin.

- Coin selection (Rs1/Rs2/Rs5/Rs10) with multiple coin option (e.g. Rs1 x2 coin ).

- Alpha Numeric Key pad with easy programming options.

- Programming password for admin and operator separately.

- Programmable Volume based/ Timer based water vending.

- Separate coin count and water volume count facility.

- Total Revenue (coin collection) reports (Day / Date /Month).

- Water totalizes function for compare the revenue and dispensed.

- Coin box with a capacity of up to 400-500 and more coins.

- If required, Automatic battery charging and 6 hours back up if no main supply.

- Highly Reliable solenoid valve

- Flow sensor for accurate dispense of water quantity.

- Water level monitoring and alarm on low water level.